Recycling & Yardwaste Drop Off Site

Recycling and Yardwaste Drop Off Site

In addition to the regular curbside collection of recyclable materials, the Village operates a recycling and yard waste site at the Public Works garage site located at 701 Progress Drive. For more information on the recycling and yardwaste drop off site, see the documents listed below.

As of July 1, the Village can no longer accept Freon-containing items such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, coolers and dehumidifiers. To properly dispose of these items, you may contact Advanced Disposal at 262-367-6040 to set up a pick-up right at your curb. There is a $25 charge per appliance containing Freon.

Other items that the Village can no longer accept include smoke detectors, fluorescent light bulbs, ballasts, batteries and VCR tapes. Product disposal options can be found on Waukesha County Park & Land Use website.

Electronic Waste

The Village of Hartland entered into a Collection Event Agreement with Waukesha County which will allow residents to drop off both electronics and appliances for recycling. There will be a small fee charged to residents for any television or CRT computer monitor that is dropped off. All other eligible electronics and appliances will be taken at no cost.

There will be two collection events held in the Village in 2018 which will coincide with the normal second Saturdays in April and October. The events will be held at the recycle center site located at the Village Garage at 701 Progress Drive. Residents may also take electronics and appliances to other municipalities through this agreement with Waukesha County.

Hazardous Materials

Other Recycling News