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Ice Age Trail
About the Ice Age Trail

More than 12,000 years ago, an immense flow of glacial ice sculpted a landscape of remarkable beauty across Wisconsin.  As the glacier retreated, it left behind a variety of unique landscape features.  These glacial remnants are now considered among the world's finest examples of how continental glaciation sculpts our planet.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile footpath that highlights these landscape features as it travels through some of the state's most beautiful natural areas.  The Trail is entirely within Wisconsin and is one of only eleven National Scenic Trails.
Hartland's Connection to the Trail

Ice Age Trail Comm Hartland.jpg A segment of approximately 4.7 miles of the 1,000-mile long Ice Age National Scenic Trail passes through Hartland.  While the entire trail is still under development, those portions passing through Hartland have been completed.  The Aldo Leopold Overlook and Cottonwood Wayside, and the John Muir Overlook and Maple Wayside are a part of the Ice Age Trail.  The Ice Age Trail also passes through Penbrook Park, Nixon Park, Bark River Park, Hartbrook Park, and Centennial Park.  

The Village of Hartland entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in September of 2015 to          become a Trail Community and became the first to participate in the Ice Age Trail Alliance's new Community Partnership. View the video of the ribbon cutting ceremony which was held on Oct. 17th.

Plan a Hike on the Trail

The Ice Age Trail is more than a path through the woods.  It is a place for mental and physical rejuvenation, a place to unwind after a hard day and enjoy the landscape of Wisconsin.  More than 1 million people use the Ice Age Trail each year to hike and snowshoe, to backpack, to disconnect and reconnect.  A hike on the Ice Age Trail can be as simple as an after-work jaunt on a suburban segment or as challenging as a once-in-a-lifetime thru-hike. 

For more information such as trail conditions, recommended hikes or to order an Ice Age Trail databook, guidebook or atlas, visit the Ice Age Trail website
Ice Age Trail Alliance JPG.jpg
Click here to access the Ice Age Trail - Village of Hartland map.

Click here to access the Ice Age Trail - Waukesha County map. 

So take a journey along Wisconsin’s glacial landscapes. Your trip could be long or short,
secluded or social. Whatever you’re looking for, the Ice Age Trail has it.

"Walk the Wauk"

Sign up for "Walk the Wauk", the hiking program that rewards you for hiking the entire 43.6 miles of the Ice Age Trail in Waukesha County.

"Walk the Wauk" - A Hiking Log and Award Program