Current Projects

Construction Update- from Ruekert-Mielke

The Village of Hartland’s annual paving and roadway rehabilitation program, which is budgeted and planned for in the biannual Capital Improvement Planning, involves the milling and asphalt overlay of E. Capitol Drive from Maple Avenue to North Avenue and North Avenue from STH “16” to E. Capitol Drive. Village Engineer, Ruekert & Mielke has worked with Village Staff to structure the work to minimize inconvenience to the residents and business owners in the area. It is nearly impossible to complete any improvement that requires work on a roadway without some inconvenience to the public. However, we have established an accelerated schedule by the Contractor to allow this project to be completed within weeks and not months. 

The Contractor for this work is Wolf Paving Co., Inc. We have met with them and established a tentative schedule that is dependent entirely on weather. Certain portions of the work may not be performed if it is actively raining or if the roadway is still wet from a recent rain. The table on the back side of this letter lists the tentative dates and timelines that the work is planned for. It also lists traffic impacts and other notes/description of the work that will occur during each phase of the project. Please note that the Contractor is only permitted to work between the hours of 6am and 8pm unless the Village gives approval to work outside of these hours. 

The project area will be split up by roadway. Therefore, when work is occurring on E. Capitol Dr., parking and traffic will be unobstructed on North Ave. and likewise when work is occurring on North Ave. There will be NO PARKING on the roadway that is being worked on for the entire duration of the road work. This disruption is only expected for 5 days on each roadway. When work is occurring on E. Capitol there will be one way traffic from west to east between North Avenue and Maple Avenue. Please pay attention to signs when traveling through this area. Two way traffic will still occur on North Avenue while it is under construction. Please note that these roadways will be “Closed to Thru Traffic” which means that you can still access businesses and residences but that if you are just passing through the area, please find an alternate route. Please be vigilant when driving or walking through the project area and pay attention to the direction of construction personnel. They will get you where you need to go, safely. 

It is our goal to limit inconvenience and provide you with the most up to date information as we get it. To keep you up to date, we will be issuing emails on weekly and most often, daily basis for planned work and schedule changes. If you would like to be part of these email updates, please send an email to Peter Gesch, Project Manager at I can also be reached at 262-953-3014. I will be providing oversight of the project on behalf of the Village of Hartland. Dave Felkner, Village Utility Operations Supervisor is also available to be contacted at or 414-630-8168. Ruekert & Mielke will also have a full time Construction Review Technician on-site while the Contractor is working – his name is Steve and can be approached on-site for urgent matters. 

You may also sign up for status alerts through the Village’s website, which will be less frequent than my direct email updates. To sign up to receive these notifications, go to the Village’s website Hover over “I Want To…” in the menu and click on “E-Notification” which is listed under “Register”. You will be prompted to enter your email address and click “sign in” to manage your subscriptions. Construction Status Updates are listed under “Notify Me”. Select either the envelope icon to receive notifications by email or the phone icon to receive notifications by text.